8 June 2022

Post COVID, business demands flexibility on office space

By Yusuf Oner

COVID-19 has changed the way business thinks about office space.

Post COVID-19, a lot of people are still hurting financially after being burnt because they had signed long-term leases on large amounts of CBD office space.

They have been paying rent on this space for past two years – and no one has even used the office.

These people are now re-evaluating their needs. And that’s where Mobo Co can help.

The first co-working space located in Brisbane’s dynamic South Bank area, Mobo Co – situated on the corner of Merivale and Tribune streets – is 3500sqm of fully connected and furnished workspace across four levels.

At Mobo Co, working spaces can be booked by “members” for anything from a month to up to three years. And Mobo Co is as flexible as your business. If you need to scale up – or down – we can accommodate quickly.

Members do not sign leases, they sign licensed agreements. Effectively that’s a standard agreement that you would sign, similar to checking into a hotel. So you don’t need to engage lawyers and go through that whole process.

Mobo Co is a plug and play space that is fully furnished with electric Sit-to-Stand work desks; Business grade internet; 24/7 access and security; Reception services; and we offer extremely flexible terms.

We are constantly hearing the same message in the marketplace.

Businesses need to focus on their business right now, not office space.

People realise they don’t need to drive into the CBD to be productive. In fact, what we’ve seen is increased flexibility actually leads to increased productivity.

From an employee perspective, they are now used to increased flexibility because they have been working from home for the past few years, so they’re demanding that more and more. Being able to offer that, in a tight labour market, is an advantage.

Employees are used to actually integrating their lifestyle with their place of work, which typically might have been working in the office two days a week, and working from home the other three days.

Employers are now remunerating workers in ways other than pay.

And that’s another area Mobo Co can help with.

We are not just four walls, a desk, a chair, internet reception, and a meeting room.

Mobo Co offers a gym membership; access to free Yoga and Pilates; and you can order food and drink from a world-class restaurant delivered straight to your desk, like room service.

Mobo Co also offers a sense of community to small business enterprise with its one-desk offices.

If you’re a one-person start-up, it can be quite lonely. Working from home, you’re not able to collaborate with people face-to-face and network informally. At Mobo Co, you are surrounded by like-minded workers and it is easy to collaborate on projects.

For more information on becoming a member contact us today.