8 June 2022

Find out how Mobo Co is revolutionising work and lifestyle

By Yusuf Oner

Mobo Co is a place of work that really integrates into your lifestyle.

The first co-working space located in Brisbane’s dynamic South Bank area, Mobo Co – situated on the corner of Merivale and Tribune streets – is 3500sqm of fully connected and furnished workspace across three levels.

Obviously people come here to work. And that’s the priority.

But you can tan here. You can swim here. Do Yoga here. Go to the gym. You can have a business lunch here, or even party until 3am if you want to.

Mobo Co offers an ecosystem of different spaces that integrate into how you want to work.

Your place of work doesn’t need to be a fixed desk in an office for you to be productive. Often people will come and sit beside the rooftop pool to do their emails, or just think, and recharge with the sun warming their backs.

If you want to go for a run at lunchtime, South Bank is perfect for that. And when you return you can use our trip facilities to shower and get ready for the afternoon.

Or perhaps you’d rather book a table at one of Brisbane’s best restaurants, Lina Rooftop, for a working lunch to entertain and impress clients.

Mobo Co is about creating an environment that stimulates productivity, not just through the actual space itself, but through a variety of spaces that help to elevate your thinking.

Mobo Co’s clients are more like hotel guests as opposed to customers who are simply signing a lease for office space.

Working spaces can be booked by “members” for anything from a month to up to three years.

A member could be someone who works from home normally and doesn’t want to host meetings at home or in coffee shops and needs a more professional environment.

They might just want to give their business a more professional image or get out of the home office, which a lot of people post-COVID want to do.

A member could also be a large corporate that needs to house 100 people tomorrow, in which case, they can literally move a hundred staff in to our South Bank offices overnight.

Mobo Co is plug and play, fully furnished with electric Sit-to-Stand work desks; Business grade internet; 24/7 access and security; Reception services; and flexible terms.

If a business has just won a short-term project and it needs to mobilise immediately, we can do that. And when the project is complete, they just move out again.

Members do not sign leases, they sign licensed agreements. Effectively that’s a standard agreement that you would sign, similar to checking into a hotel. So you don’t need to engage lawyers and go through that whole process.

For a private office, our minimum term is one month and our maximum term is three years. You can go month to month if you want, see how your business grows or contracts, and adjust the amount of space you need accordingly.

For more information on becoming a member, contact us today.