14 July 2023

14 Benefits of Telephone Answering Services for Small Businesses

In an increasingly digital era, the global business landscape has transformed dramatically, and Australia is no exception. More consumers are turning towards online shopping for its convenience, variety, and competitive prices. Amid this rapid growth, exceptional customer service has emerged as a vital differentiator for growing businesses, with telephone support still playing a crucial role.

In the business arena, each potential client interaction can significantly influence purchase decisions, customer loyalty, and brand reputation. It’s not just about selling products or services online anymore; it’s about providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression. One way to ensure this is by offering professional, prompt, and personalised customer support. Here is where telephone answering services come into the picture.

Telephone or phone answering services, a perfect solution growing in popularity amongst Australian businesses, provide an efficient way to handle customer queries, orders, customer requests, and customer complaints over the phone by an actual person. They’re designed to enhance customer satisfaction, boost productivity, and ultimately drive business growth. In this blog, we delve deeper into the benefits of such services and their crucial role in small-medium businesses.

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What is a Telephone Answering Service?

A telephone answering service is a business service that manages inbound calls on behalf of other companies. It is designed to provide an efficient, customer-centric, and professional receptionist response to every call. The service ranges from taking messages, scheduling appointments, and lead generation, to providing comprehensive customer service, thereby ensuring that business owners never miss an opportunity to connect with their customers.

There are various types of telephone answering services available to cater to diverse business needs such as the virtual receptionist service, automated answering service, internet answering service, and call centre.

A crucial component of these services is the virtual receptionist. The role of a virtual receptionist is to handle calls just like a traditional in-house receptionist would but from a remote location. Dedicated receptionists will answer business calls, take messages, manage appointments, and offer customer service, all while providing a personalised experience that reflects your brand’s image and values.

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Are Calls Still Important for Small Businesses?

Are Calls Still Important for Small Businesses

Despite the proliferation of digital communication channels like email, social media, and live chat, phone calls continue to hold significant relevance in small-medium businesses. Here’s why:

Human touch

Telephone calls offer a personal touch and immediate interaction that digital methods often lack. Customers can directly communicate their issues or queries and receive immediate feedback through a real person, fostering a sense of connection and trust.

Complex queries

For complex issues or in-depth discussions, many customers prefer to talk to a representative over the phone. It allows for a more nuanced and detailed conversation and helps avoid misunderstandings that might occur through written communication.

Resolution speed

Phone calls usually lead to faster issue resolution compared to other methods. There’s no waiting for an email response or navigating through a series of automated chat responses, making customers happy.


Not every customer is comfortable or proficient with digital technologies. Older demographics, in particular, might prefer the familiarity of a phone call. Offering phone support ensures inclusivity for all customer groups.

Recent studies provide compelling evidence to prove the impact of phone calls on customer experience and business growth:

A report by Google revealed that 61% of mobile users call a business when they’re in the purchase phase of the buying cycle. Calls are most prevalent in industries where purchases have high financial or emotional implications or detailed configurations.

According to a study by Invoca, 74% of consumers have a more favourable view of businesses that offer a phone number for excellent customer service or support.

In summary, customer calls remain an essential part of a multi-channel customer service strategy. By providing support through a phone answering service, small businesses can meet their customers’ diverse communication preferences, deliver superior customer experiences, and drive business growth.

14 Benefits of Telephone Telephone Answering Service for Small Businesses

Telephone answering services can bring numerous benefits to your small business, ranging from financial savings to improved customer experience. Here are some key advantages:

1. Save money

Hiring and maintaining an in-house customer service team can be expensive. By outsourcing, you eliminate costs related to salaries, training, infrastructure, and more. You pay only for the services you use, making it a cost-effective solution.

2. Scale to meet demand

Outsourced services offer the flexibility to scale up or down based on incoming call volumes, allowing you to manage peak periods efficiently without overstretching your resources or incurring additional costs.

3. Professional support

Telephone answering services employ trained, experienced professionals to handle your calls from customers, ensuring a high level of expertise and professionalism in every potential customer interaction and credibility among customers.

4. Capture Out-of-hours callers

With a 24/7 telephone answering service, you can cater to customers calling outside regular business hours, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect.

5. An integrated approach

Many answering services can integrate with your existing systems, ensuring seamless operations and a consistent customer experience across all channels.

6. A friendly, familiar voice

The dedicated team provided by a telephone answering service can get familiar with your regular callers, offering a personalised, familiar voice that enhances customer loyalty.

7. Boost staff productivity

With a dedicated service handling your calls, your full-time employees can focus on their core responsibilities, leading to increased productivity.

8. Help control labour costs

Outsourcing service provider reduces the need for additional house staff during busy season, helping you control labour costs more effectively.

9. Eliminate the need to train new staff

By leaving the calls to trained professionals, you avoid the time and cost involved in training new house employees for phone support.

10. Maximise ROI

The cost savings, increased sales opportunities, and improved customer retention brought about by an answering service contribute to maximising your return on investment.

11. Increases reliability and consistency

A professional phone answering service ensures a consistently high level of customer service, enhancing your brand’s reliability in the eyes of your customers.

12. Enhance value-added activities

Freeing up your staff from call handling allows them to focus on value-added activities that directly contribute to business growth.

13. Help cope with the unexpected

Whether it’s a sudden surge in calls or an unexpected event, an outsourced service is equipped to handle unexpected scenarios without disrupting your operations.

14. Schedule appointments

Many answering services also offer appointment scheduling, which can streamline your operations and improve the customer experience.

A telephone answering service can significantly enhance the quality of customer service capabilities of a small business, providing a seamless shopping experience and fostering strong customer relationships, while also contributing to cost savings and operational efficiency.

Get Telephone Answering Services with your Mobo Co Membership

Get Telephone Answering Services with your Mobo Co Membership

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, where customer service can be a key differentiator, a Telephone Answering Service has emerged as an invaluable tool. It enables businesses to deliver high-quality, personalised customer interactions around the clock while saving resources and enhancing operational efficiency.

Choosing the right service depends on your specific business needs and customer expectations. Consider factors like the phone answering service provider’s industry experience, their ability to handle call volumes, the professionalism of their operators, integration with your existing systems, and of course, their pricing model.

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