31 October 2023

15 Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Startups

In the bustling heart of South Brisbane, Queensland, lies a haven for startups and entrepreneurs: coworking spaces. These shared work environments have become the go-to solution for many emerging businesses, offering a plethora of advantages that traditional office setups simply can’t match. In this article, we’ll delve into the myriad benefits of coworking spaces, particularly for startups, and why they might just be the perfect fit for your burgeoning enterprise.

The Australian Startup Scene: A Glimpse into a Thriving Ecosystem

Australia’s startup ecosystem has been experiencing a remarkable surge in recent years, positioning itself as a major player in the global tech industry. Here’s a closer look at the current state of the Australian startup scene based on a report by Folklore Ventures and Cut Through Venture.

Impressive Funding Growth

In 2021, Australian startup companies witnessed a significant influx of capital, securing over $10 billion in startup funding. This figure is a substantial increase, being more than triple the amount raised in 2020. This growth was highlighted in a report by Folklore Ventures and Cut Through Venture, which also noted a total of 682 venture capital deals in the same year.

Dominant Sectors

Fintech and enterprise software have emerged as the frontrunners in the Australian startup scene, accounting for 35% of the total funding. However, the interest of investors isn’t limited to these sectors. Cleantech, blockchain, and Web3 are also gaining traction, showcasing the diverse range of innovative solutions Australian startups are bringing to the table.

Rise in Publicly Listed Tech Companies

The number of tech companies going public in Australia has seen a steady rise. From 104 publicly listed tech companies in 2016, the number has grown to 185 in 2021. The total market capitalisation of these public tech entities surpasses $123 billion. Notably, 22 of these companies boast valuations exceeding $1 billion, while 81 have valuations over $100 million. The year 2021 also saw 12 tech IPOs, a slight increase from 10 in the previous year.

Success Stories

Canva, an Australian-based graphic design platform, stands out as a shining example of the nation’s tech prowess. Valued at a staggering $40 billion, Canva has not only dominated the Australian market but also established a significant presence in the US. Other notable publicly traded Australian tech companies include Afterpay, a buy-now, pay-later platform; Wisetech Global, a logistics software firm; Computershare, a stock transfer entity; and NEXTDC, a data centre operator.

The Australian Unicorns

The term ‘unicorn’ is reserved for privately held companies with valuations exceeding $1 billion. Australia proudly houses six of these rare entities. Apart from the aforementioned Canva, other unicorns include Airwallex (a payments platform), SafetyCulture (an operations platform), Culture Amp (an employee engagement startup), Judo Bank (a digital bank), and GO1 (an e-learning library).

The Australian startup scene is not just thriving; it’s booming. With a combination of innovative ideas, robust funding, and a supportive ecosystem, Australia is undoubtedly paving the way for the next generation of global tech leaders.

Why Startups Fit Best in Coworking Spaces

Startups, by their very nature, possess certain characteristics that align seamlessly with the ethos of coworking spaces. Here’s a breakdown of these traits:

Agility and Flexibility

Startups are known for their agile approach, often needing to pivot or adapt to market changes rapidly. Coworking spaces, with their flexible terms and diverse workspace options, cater perfectly to this need, allowing startups to upscale or downscale as required.

Collaborative Spirit

Startups often thrive on collaboration, be it brainstorming sessions, team huddles, or joint projects. Coworking spaces are designed to foster collaboration, with open layouts, communal areas, and shared facilities that encourage interaction and teamwork.

Resource Constraints

Especially in their early stages, startups operate with limited resources. Coworking spaces offer a cost-effective solution, providing essential amenities without the financial burden of long-term leases or hefty deposits.

Diverse Skill Needs

Startups, while experts in their core product or service, often require diverse skills – from marketing to tech support. Being in a coworking space surrounded by professionals from various fields provides an opportunity for skill exchange, bartering, or even hiring.


The startup journey can be challenging, and having a supportive community can make all the difference. Startups inherently seek communities for mentorship, feedback, and camaraderie. Coworking spaces, with their community events and networking opportunities, offer this supportive environment.

Risk-taking Nature

Startups are inherently risk-takers, often venturing into uncharted territories. Coworking spaces, with their short-term commitments and flexible plans, reduce the risk associated with long-term office leases, allowing startups to remain financially agile.

Growth Mindset

Startups operate with a growth mindset, always looking for opportunities to learn, innovate, and expand. Coworking spaces often host workshops, seminars, and pitch events, aligning with the startup’s hunger for knowledge and growth.

Compact Teams

Many startups begin with small, compact teams. Coworking spaces are ideal for such teams, offering them the flexibility of choosing a workspace that fits their size, without the constraints of traditional office spaces.

The inherent characteristics of startups – their agility, collaborative nature, resource constraints, and growth mindset – make them a natural fit for coworking spaces. These shared spaces not only cater to the logistical needs of startups but also resonate with their spirit and vision.


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Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Startup Businesses

1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the primary challenges for startups is managing overhead costs. Traditional office spaces often come with hefty rental fees, utility bills, and maintenance costs. Coworking spaces offer a more affordable alternative, allowing startups to only pay for the space they use. With flexible plans ranging from daily passes to monthly memberships, startups can find a plan that fits their budget and needs.

2. Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are more than just a place to work; they’re a community. Startups have the opportunity to mingle with professionals from various industries, fostering collaboration and potential business partnerships. Many coworking spaces also host events and workshops, providing a platform for learning and networking.

3. Access to Clients

Located in prime business districts, coworking spaces offer startups a prestigious address without the high costs. This strategic location not only enhances a startup’s professional image but also makes it accessible to potential clients and partners. The collaborative environment of coworking spaces can also lead to organic business opportunities.

4. Productive Atmosphere

Designed with productivity in mind, coworking spaces offer an environment that’s conducive to work. From high-speed internet to dedicated work zones, startups can benefit from a space that’s free from the distractions of home or cafes. Being surrounded by like-minded professionals can also serve as motivation, driving startups to achieve their goals.

5. Health and Wellbeing

The mental and physical wellbeing of entrepreneurs is crucial. Many coworking spaces recognise this and offer amenities that promote a healthy work-life balance. From relaxation zones to community events, startups can find support and a sense of belonging in these shared spaces.

6. On-Demand Workspace Access

The dynamic nature of startups requires flexibility. Many coworking spaces offer 24/7 access, allowing startups to work according to their schedules. For those with global operations, some coworking brands even offer access to their spaces worldwide, ensuring startups have a place to work no matter where they are.

7. No Hidden Fees

Transparency is key for startups operating on tight budgets. Coworking spaces often offer all-inclusive pricing, ensuring there are no unexpected costs. This includes everything from utilities to essential amenities like printing services.

8. Diverse Professional Community

Diversity breeds innovation. In coworking spaces, startups are exposed to a mix of professionals from various industries and cultural backgrounds. This diversity can provide fresh perspectives, leading to innovative solutions and ideas.

9. Prime Business Address

Image matters in the business world. Having an address in a prime location can enhance a startup’s credibility. Beyond just the address, many coworking spaces offer professional services like mail handling, adding to the startup’s professional image.

10. Reliability and Security

Startups need consistency to operate smoothly. Coworking spaces offer reliable services, from high-speed internet to regular maintenance. Security is also a priority, with many spaces offering secure access and data protection measures.

11. Adaptability and Growth

As startups evolve, their needs change. Coworking spaces offer the flexibility to adapt to these changing needs, from scaling up workspace requirements to offering flexible contract terms.

12. Exposure and Learning

Being part of a coworking space often means being plugged into the startup ecosystem. Regular industry events, mentorship opportunities, and workshops keep startups informed and connected.

13. Sustainability

Many coworking spaces are designed with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials and implementing green practices. This not only reduces a startup’s carbon footprint but can also align with their corporate social responsibility goals.

14. Access to Technology

Some coworking spaces offer access to state-of-the-art technology and tools, which might be expensive for startups to procure on their own. This can include high-end printers, video conferencing tools, or even specialised software.

15. Catering and Refreshments

While it might seem minor, having access to a well-stocked pantry or even an in-house cafe can be a boon. It saves time, offers convenience, and can even serve as a casual networking spot.

Coworking spaces offer a holistic environment for startups, catering to their professional, personal, and growth needs. In the thriving Australian startup scene, these spaces are not just a trend but a testament to the future of work.


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Your Startup Belongs Here at Mobo Co

In the heart of South Brisbane, Mobo Co stands as a beacon for startups, innovators, and visionaries. But why is Mobo Co the ideal place for your startup?

Tailored for Startups

At Mobo Co, we understand the unique challenges and needs of startups. Our coworking spaces are designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and growth, ensuring that your startup has the environment it needs to thrive.

A Suite of Services

Beyond just a desk and a chair, Mobo Co offers a range of services tailored for startups. From Brisbane office suites and meeting rooms to virtual offices, we’ve got you covered, ensuring you have the tools and space to make your vision a reality.

Networking Goldmine

Being at Mobo Co places you in the midst of a vibrant community of professionals. Regular events, workshops, and networking sessions provide ample opportunities to connect, collaborate, and potentially find your next business partner or investor.

Prime Location

Located in South Brisbane, Mobo Co offers startups a prestigious address without the hefty price tag. This strategic location not only enhances your startup’s professional image but also places you in close proximity to potential clients, partners, and the bustling Brisbane business scene.

Flexible and Affordable

We recognise that startups need flexibility. With a range of membership options and transparent pricing, Mobo Co ensures that you only pay for what you need, without any hidden costs.

A Supportive Community

The journey of entrepreneurship can be challenging. At Mobo Co, you’re not just renting a workspace; you’re joining a community. A community that celebrates successes, offers support during challenges, and understands the rollercoaster that is the startup journey.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

High-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, well-equipped meeting rooms, and a range of other amenities ensure that your startup has everything it needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

Room to Grow

As your startup evolves, so do your needs. Mobo Co offers the flexibility to scale up or down, ensuring that as your team grows, your workspace can adapt seamlessly.

In essence, Mobo Co is more than just a coworking space; it’s a launchpad for your startup’s success. With a combination of top-notch facilities, a supportive community, and a prime location, your startup doesn’t just belong at Mobo Co – it thrives here. Join us and be a part of a community that’s shaping the future, one startup at a time.

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